Our jerky is delicious: it isn’t the “shoe leather” variety: it’s soft and is just-right chewy.

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  • Alligator 3.25

    Original Alligator Jerky

    $8.95 – $14.95

    Compared to other meats, the alligator meat used in our Alligator jerky is low in fat, low in calories and big on protein. Alligator is also low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat. Our Alligator Jerky for sale is 100% alligator meat with a mild Cajun flavor.

    Original alligator jerky…made with Alligator Tenderloin, Mild Cajun recipe. No fillers, no MSG. NOT a sausage type product. Delicious!

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  • Ostrich

    Original Ostrich Jerky

    $11.95 – $11.95

    Our Original Ostrich Jerky – It doesn’t get any better than this! Premium USA raised Ostrich. USDA approved. Our Ostrich Jerky is made from the highest quality red meat in the world. The lowest carbs, the lowest fat, the highest protein. A simple mild black pepper recipe and this ostrich jerky is then hickory smoked to perfection. Try some today.

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  • Venison Jerky

    Peppered Venison Jerky

    $7.95 – $12.95

    Our Peppered Venison Jerky has coarse, cracked black pepper all over it. It has medium heat, and a tangy spice flavor. A pepper lovers’ deer jerky delight!

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  • Salmon Jerky

    Salmon Jerky

    $10.95 – $19.95

    Our Salmon Jerky is the best. There is no finer salmon jerky on the market. Our delicious Wild Coho Salmon fish jerky is high in Omega 3 fatty acids. We use an overnight brine, a cold smoke process (under 100 degrees) to lock in flavor & retain moisture, then a hot smoke process (165 degrees) to fully cook the salmon. No MSG, no nitrites. Our Salmon Jerky is a winner.

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  • Save! Buffalo Original Flavor Jerky

    Original Buffalo Jerky

    $7.95$51.80 $7.95$49.80

    Our Buffalo Jerky has the Original “Classic” mild black pepper taste. Premium Buffalo (American Bison) Jerky – A thick cut, somewhat moist, delicious, mild black pepper recipe. This buffalo jerky is low fat, low calories, high protein. Always a best seller.

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  • Kangaroo

    Original Kangaroo Jerky

    $8.95 – $14.95

    Kangaroo jerky is really good stuff! Kangaroo meat is one of the leanest red meats on the planet. Each 1.0 oz serving of Kangaroo Jerky has only 79 calories , 0.1g of fat, 10mg of cholesterol,8g of total carbs, 15g of protein.

    Made from solid strips of Kangaroo meat, a mild non-gamey taste with a basic black pepper recipe. Very easy on the taste buds.

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  • Wild Boar Jerky

    Original Wild Boar Jerky

    $7.95 – $13.95

    Our original wild boar jerky  is 100% Wild Boar Meat. No added “other meats.” Not chopped & formed. NOT a sausage type product. This is wild boar jerky made from whole muscle wild boar meat. Wild Boar meat has a sweet, nutty, intense flavor and you can TASTE it our wild boar jerky. Wild Boar meat is leaner and deeper red than pork. Truly a unique and delicious addition to our exotic jerky mix. Less fat and calories than traditional pork due the wild diet of acorns, roots and vegetation. Try some today!

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  • Duck Jerky

    Original Duck Jerky

    $7.95 – $13.95

    Hickory Smoked Duck breast meat at it’s finest. A wonderful teriyaki flavor. Mildly sweet, light black pepper. A genuine taste treat that makes you want more. Try some today!

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  • Save! Beef Jerky Original Flavor

    Original Beef Jerky

    $8.69$34.76 $8.69$29.95

    Original Beef Jerky – This beef jerky is the original flavor – that great salt and pepper taste that you have come to expect. This thick cut, natural style jerky really satisfies.


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  • Six Pack Beef Jerky Special

    Six Pack Beef Jerky Special


    Six Pack Beef Jerky Special. 3.25 oz of each flavor; Original, Spicy, Garlic Pepper, Teriyaki, Sweet & Spicy, and Peppered. A fantastic taste treat. Save $4.19 compared to buying individual packs! A “taste ‘em all” of the best beef jerky gift pack or try one yourself! Our Six pack Beef Jerky Special gives you a taste of all of our beef jerky varieties.

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  • Save! Turkey Jerky Original Flavor

    Original Turkey Jerky

    $8.69$34.76 $8.69$29.95

    Our Turkey Jerkey is made from solid strips of turkey breast. This thick cut jerky is lightly peppered and has a slightly sweet taste. If you are a turkey jerky fan – you will love this flavor.

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  • Fish Jerky 012

    Rainbow Trout Jerky

    $9.95 – $18.95

    Rainbow Trout Jerky? Yes! A superb blend of herbs and spices and the delicate taste of Rainbow Trout meat make this fish Jerky a wonderful experience. There is no fishy aftertaste. High in omega 3 fatty acids and 10 grams of protein per serving make this a healthy, tasty, and thoroughly enjoyable snack. Try our Rainbow Trout jerky with our Hickory Smoked Pepper Cheese and some whole grain crackers.

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