Sample Packs Make Great Jerky Meat Snacks

Here at Mountain America Jerky we know it’s tough to come in to our shop and decide what flavors and packs of jerky snacks to buy. They all sound so delicious and trust us when we say, they are! So in order for you to make the most of your purchase and try all that we have to offer, we developed our Sampler Packs. These bundles of our awesome meat snacks are going to make your choice just a bit easier.

We have bundle 5 awesome packs of all different types of jerky together for a wonderful assortment of the best we have to offer. Using snack meat as a healthy snack or a fabulous gift item is a delicious proposition! Check out the different sampler packs that we have:

The Treble Hook Special: Receive 1 each of our amazing Salmon Jerky

The 6 pack Beef Jerky Special: Get 6 flavorful packs of our Beef Jerky Signature Meats: Original, Spicy, Garlic Pepper, Teriyaki, Cracked Pepper, Habañero.

The Colorado Fisherman Jerky 6 Pack: This package contains 2 oz of Beef Jerky Original, 1.75 oz Buffalo Jerky Original, Elk Jerky Original, Venison Pepper Jerky, 1.75 oz Alligator Jerky and Wild Boar Jerky. PLUS a free Buffalo Snack Stick.

The 10 Pack Variety: This has Ten 1 oz Packages of Buffalo Jerky, Elk Jerky, Venison Jerky, Alligator Jerky, Wild Boar, Beef Original Jerky, Beef Spicy Jerky, Beef Teriyaki, Jerky, Beef Pepper Jerky, Turkey Jerky.

The Ultimate Jerky Sampler: The mother of all jerky packs! This has 3 flavors of Buffalo, 3 Flavors of Elk, Venison Pepper, 6 flavors of Beef, 2 flavors of Turkey. Plus Alligator, Wild Boar, Kangaroo, Antelope and Ostrich.

What a collection! You have to put Mountain America Jerky on your Favorites list and give our fabulous jerky a try. And when you need an amazing gift … you know where to find us!

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