Ostrich Jerky is a Low Fat Red Meat


Original Ostrich Jerky

$5.49 – $14.95

Let’s face it… Americans are in love with red meat. Most of us grew up on beef and Sunday roasts with the family. It is a true American meat that we enjoy consuming. Thankfully there are alternatives to red meat and to red meat beef jerky and Ostrich Jerky is one of them.

Ostrich is high in protein, low in fat…and it’s delicious.

While Ostrich sounds very exotic and expensive, there are huge supplies of Ostrich that is raised for consumption and it is enjoyed by people all over the US in burgers, roasts and steaks. The texture and consistency is much like poultry but as a red meat, Ostrich is extremely low in Saturated Fats, Cholesterol and Calories and the highest in Protein of any red meat making Ostrich Jerky a wholesome low fat snack. And for the beef lovers, it does have a taste similar to beef!

Our Ostrich meat is made with high quality meat and we add a terrific mild black pepper marinade recipe to it so it comes out tasting fantastic. We offer 3 sizes for you to select from so you can try it, enjoy it or devour it!

If you are looking for a high protein, low fat and low cholesterol snack and you have not tried our Ostrich Jerky yet, you do not know what you are missing! Throw a package in your cart and give it a try when you place your order. We think you will like it and be back for more!

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