Do You Know What is In Your Jerky?

What is in the jerky you are eating? If your favorite jerky has a lot of words that you cannot pronounce, then step up to a delicious jerky that is hand made in small batches with ingredients you know and can understand. At Mountain America Jerky, we publish the ingredients and nutritional values of jerky for you and anyone to see. There is no hiding facts when it comes to our premium cuts of meat.

We are proud of our nutritional information and have a link to it right on our main site so it is there for you to check out and compare to the other guys. We are surrounded by chemicals and other junk is our foods as it is, so we make a point to only use the freshest, top quality meats and ingredients in our prepared jerky. Using our nutritional charts for the meats, you will be able to see how much of each of these items are in your jerky so you can select the one that is right for you and your healthy diet.


Watching you calories or cholesterol? You can see the levels on our nutritional chart. Need to watch your Carbs or sodium? Looking for higher Proteins in your diet? You can manage your levels easier when you know what you are consuming. No hidden ingredients here!

Jerky is the original fast food, but we offer a healthier version! Come by Mountain America Jerky to see and taste the difference!


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