Beautiful Salmon and Fish Jerky to Enjoy Year Round

With Summer right around the corner, it is definitely fishing season all over the country. The fisherman are hitting the waterways! Casual weekends are filled with power fishing and the smell of fish fry’s to enjoy all of that fresh caught delicious tasting fish that they may not have been able to enjoy while the cold weather was around. But many times it is not possible to enjoy that fresh caught flavor anytime you want. Mountain American has a solution for that! Our fabulous Fish Jerky Line and Salmon Jerky are in stock and delicious!

If you haven’t been able to get your limit this year, swing through our shop and check out the amazing fish jerky that can help you make it through. We have some incredible Ahi Tuna Jerky that is world class Sushi grade. This is a wild caught Yellow Fin Ahi Tuna that is Dolphin-safe and flash-frozen for maximum freshness. We make it into an amazing jerky that is just a bit spicy but will not will not overheat your mouth. You will Love this!

Or how about some fabulous Rainbow Trout Jerky that takes a superb blend of herbs and spices and the delicate taste of Rainbow Trout meat and blends it for a wonderful experience. There is no fishy aftertaste! High in omega 3 fatty acids and 10 grams of protein per serving make this a healthy, tasty and thoroughly enjoyable snack. Try it with our Hickory Smoked Pepper Cheese and some whole grain crackers for a great meal while on the boat!

And if you have not had our Salmon Jerky, you missing out! There is No finer salmon jerky on the market. Our delicious Wild Coho Salmon is high in Omega 3 fatty acids. We use an overnight brine, a cold smoke process (under 100 degrees) to lock in flavor & retain moisture, then a hot smoke process (165 degrees) to fully cook the salmon. No MSG, no nitrites ever!

Treat you and your family to some amazing jerky that you cannot find at the grocery store. This is pure meat and you will taste the difference!

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